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Q: What is Videobam?
A: VideoBam is a free video hosting service. Upload and share videos on forums, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, eBay, Craigslist, Myspace and more.

Q: Is there a maximum file size I can upload?
A: The maximum file size is 500MB.

Q: Can I see an example of a video page?
A: Sure. View our demo video page.

Q: How does the site work?
A: Check out our tour video which shows how to upload, share and watch videos on VideoBam. It's free, fast and easy!

Q: What file types are accepted?
A: VideoBam supports most popular video formats including: .avi, .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .wmv, .mpg, .mpeg and some that are not listed.

Q: Are the videos anonymous?
A: Yes. You can only view videos if the owner provides you the URL link.

Q: Are my uploaded videos private?
A: Yes. Your videos can be viewed privately within your account. They are private until you share or embed the video links.

Q: Can I view other user's profiles or is there a database of public videos?
A: No. All profiles are private. There is no public database or search function on VideoBam.

Q: Why do my videos go through a Converting stage?
A: Video files are converted to various formats to support playback on most devices including desktops (PC and MAC), mobile phones (iPhone, Android) and tablets (iPad).

Q: Is my original video stored?
A: The original video files are discarded after converting into the new playback format.

Q: How do I allow people to watch my video or watch others' videos?
A: A URL link to the video must be shared in order to view the uploaded video. The preferred method of sharing videos is to use the thumbnail html and bb-codes which can be posted on forums, webpages, social networks, classified sites, etc.

Q: What is the "Create Teaser" option?
A: The teaser option creates a short sample clip from the uploaded video. Note the original video will not be stored.

Q: How long are videos stored?
A: Videos are stored indefinitely as long as they are viewed once every 30 days. The dormancy period may change at anytime.

Q: How many videos can I upload?
A: Unlimited videos. However, unwatched, mis-categorized or illegal videos may be removed at our discretion at anytime.

Q: How can I contact VideoBam regarding advertising inquiries, suggestions or site issues?
A: You can contact VideoBam via email at Please use an appropriate "Subject" field so we can properly route your message.

Q: How reliable is VideoBam?
A: VideoBam is built with the latest web technologies and hosted on dedicated Linux servers with redundant drives for maximum uptime and fast streaming.